Whatever your needs, we can find the van to fit.
If you’re unsure of which sort of van you’ll need just get in touch and we’ll guide you through the entire hiring process, start to finish.
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If you’re looking to move the basics, then one of these could be for you. Prices start from £15p/h

Typical Dimensions:
3.14m (l), 1.7m (w), 1.4m (h)

Moving something a bit bigger, ideally to carry 2 bedroom flat/apartment ? A long wheel base van will give you that extra bit of loading space that you need. Prices start from £15p/h.

Typical Dimensions:
4.1m (l), 1.7m (w), 1.8m (h)

Moving bulky items such as furniture OR large boxes? Our Luton vans offer extra height and width to help you fit everything in. Prices start from £25p/h weekday and weekend.

Typical Dimensions:
4m (l), 2m (w), 2.2m (h)